Couples with 45-year-old age gap say that the secret of success is sex every day.

A woman who has married a man for 45 years reveals the secret of her successful relationship that she has sex every day.

Stefani Anderson, 23, tied the knot with retired architect Don Walper, 68, in her hometown of Vernon, British Columbia, in a ceremony shot for the Channel 5 series Age Gap Love.

The couple, who have been together for four years and have a nine-month-old Lachlan, tied the knot in front of friends and family, including Stefani’s mother Janet, who is 10 years younger than Don.

When you talk about her relationship Stefani, who was just 19 years old when she first fell in love with her current husband, Don says that she is the best lover she ever had and reveals that when they first had a date they would have sex several times a day.

The couple added that they hoped that people would start to respect their relationship more when they are married, after having first heard criticism of the union.

Stefani immediately felt attracted when she first saw Don visiting the bar where she worked.

We just started flirting and it just started from there,“ she reveals. It was surprising for me because I always liked older men, but I never chased anyone in Don’s age group.

Four years later, the couple is still strong and happy to reveal what their 45-year-old gap is: sex.

When we started dating, we had a lot of sex,“ says Stefani.

I was with guys who were close to my age, almost ten years older, 15 years older, and Don is by far the best of all,“ she raved about her other half retired.

Don, approaching 69, nods passionately as he adds, „Oh my God, we would have sex every day, several times a day, at any time of the day.

Don was single when they met, but had been married before and had a son the same age as Stefani – but he decided to do it again for them.

When changing his laughing diaper Don says: „Six months after we met she would say she wanted a baby if she saw other people with a baby, how can you deny that?

Lachlan was born in February 2018 and to complete her family, they decided to get married in a small celebration.

I never really wanted kids, and I never really wanted to get married. But when I met Don, I was like, „I’d totally marry you, I’d be happy if you were the father of my child,“ but I never planned to do it,“ Stefani told the cameras.

The mother of one explains that the birth of her baby and marriage have had a great influence on the perception of her family members.

When Don and I started dating, my mother told me that I was not basically welcome in her house or garden and would never ask her for a favor. It was definitely a negative answer, says Stefani.

Over the years, Stefani’s mother Janet has changed her mind about it, especially since she became a grandmother, and has come closer to Don, who has had no contact with his own son who disagrees.

It’s a bit shocking, Don turns 69 in October and I turn 58,“ Janet says in the program.

When they got engaged, I told Don he wouldn’t call me mother under any circumstances. My first reaction was, „What the hell’s going on?“ He was an old man and she was a young girl.

My attitude changed and I realized that Stefani had never been so happy as with Don, now that they have Lochlan, they have a perfect little family.

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