Queer eye star Jonathan Van Ness tells how Meghan inspired him.

Queer eye star Jonathan Van Ness has shown how he has found unlikely style inspirations from the British royal family, especially the Duchess of Sussex.

Talking to Femail before his new docs documenting his recent 10-night stand-up comedy tour of America starting today, Femail revealed that he is a big fan of Harry, Meghan and Kate.

What kind of American do you think I am? I love the British kings,“ he said. Meghan Markle inspired me to always use a colour correcting BB cream and not a full foundation because I love my freckles too.

The former suite star had previously revealed in interviews that it was „pet annoying“ for her when make-up artists applied heavy foundation masks to her natural skin.

And Jonathan, 31, has also made style notes of her thrifty sister-in-law Kate, who is known for recycling her outfits for royal engagements.

Kate inspired me to wear the same thing more than once,“ he explained. You know, if she can do it, so can I.

„It really just means that you’re developing your sense of style and being a practical, modern woman.

And while Queer Eye co-star Tan France surpasses every other British celebrity, he also has some flattering words for the Duke of Sussex.

I love the care of Prince Harry. I love his little gingernis,“ he said. But I don’t know anyone who serves it harder than Tan France – more perfect skin, more perfect hair and more perfect cuddly lips.

Jonathan’s new series Hotels.comedy Presents: 10 Nights with Jonathan Van Ness, who starts today, follows the star as he tries his hand at stand-up comedy for the first time.

And although he is known for his impeccable care, he says that it is not difficult on the street to maintain his regime with a few important tools.

For me, travelling is about not getting sick when you’re always on the plane,“ he said.

„So I always bring some kind of wet wipe with me so I can wipe off my little seat area because you’ll look good when you’re not sick.

He lists his essential products as disentangling brush and rice sized dry shampoo and emphasizes that it is not necessary to feel guilty when using the latter voluntarily.

I’m a big proponent that you don’t get flooded anyway. You shouldn’t wash your hair more than twice a week anyway,“ he said.

Instead of packing a lot of makeup when you’re out and about, Jonathan says skin care should be your priority.

I’m all about skin care versus makeup. If you treat the skin with skin care instead of covering up any problems with make-up, you are better prepared for success.

A serum and then a color correcting moisturizer and sun cream over it. These three essential products, and bring your dental floss.

Despite his sunny personality, Jonathan admits that even he had a few jitters before the tour.

I thought so many other people would be so much more meritorious. People have been trying for years to make this kind of career easier, and who am I?

I had this con syndrome. But I realized that I had refined my standing vehicle in the salon. I just didn’t do it standing up.

If it’s your passion and you get the opportunity, you have to leave no matter what other people do. If it’s something you want, all you have to do is make that jump.

Going out on the street with Hotels.com on this tour was a really sweet experience for me. I mean, who has a chance to make their dreams come true while staying at Gorg Hotels?

I have learned a lot about myself as a comic and I am so excited to continue this creative process. The audience was amazed and I am so happy that people laugh and feel good.

The third series of Queer eye is currently in production and Jonathan assures fans that while the series will naturally evolve over time, it will still have a „human connection“ in its heart.

He added: „If you look up my name on Wikipedia, then it’s McDonald, not spoilers like that. I don’t want to get in any trouble.

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