Why your business needs smartphone app 

In not so distant future our lives might get a totally different dimension under the influence of technology. We even now can sense the majority of those changes; the job market is slowly disappearing, and this trend will continue in the future. We now have too many people and not too many paid jobs. Combined with robots and computers, humans will be able to produce goods much cheaper and in a more efficient way, then humans could ever have done alone.

The engineering sector will suffer great changes

Engineering sectorIn the future, the workers won’t be entirely replaced with robots, but they will have to learn to work together. The worker needs to learn to be more productive using modern technologies. The goal of the large corporations will be to use fewer workers but to have equal or better productivity.

Over the time the number of employees in one company will decline in advance to technology and robots. This situation will likely to cause different types of problems, and the big unemployment will create big issues for countries economy. This trend will destroy the modern capitalism, which advocates people over machines. Worker wealth will depend on employment. When we have the majority of goods and services produced by machines, the capitalistic model will likely to fell apart in the near future.

Technological unemployment – a new disease

Technological unemploymentIn the past, we had a technological improvement that was in direct relation to people. This created long – term employment and people weren’t afraid for their financial security. But, in the future, this can change. Due to a lot of new discoveries, big companies and entrepreneurs are looking for the way to cut off their costs. On the other hand, economist predicts that people will find new ways to increase the labor and at the same time find the new purposes for the labor.

The market is like a growing organism; it will demand new uses and services, which at the time robots and technology won’t be able to fulfill. We are left so see what will future bring, but from this point, it doesn’t look too bright.


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