Hey Diablo fans, Lost Ark is out (in Korea)

Do you remember the time years ago when a Korean company started presenting a Diablo-like game with Unreal Engine 4?

Well, the beta’s out today. Only in Korea, unfortunately, but damn it, it arrived at a good time.

Developed by Smilegate, the manufacturer of Crossfire, the game today released an Open Beta. We are not closer to a Western release, but the fans are working on an English translation for the Open Beta, and the streamers have played the game via Twitch.

Lost Ark Online is an MMORPG, not a single-player ARPG, which explains why characters have multiple abilities that can all emerge at once. One of them, the Blaster, has a railgun.

And a guitar.

It’s hard not to look at it without thinking about Diablo and what a future Diablo might look like, or at least what future Diablo fans would wish for. It’s definitely PC-oriented. There are huge effects and spells, many great hits, many blood spatter and chest cages scattered everywhere.

Hard not to get a little fascinated. There’s even some TV commercials:

Lost Ark plans to have six base classes and 18 subclasses at the start. If you want to play for free now, you can, but you need a VPN. (You can’t even access the official website without VPN.)

Here are some advice from the official subreddit if you want to give the beta a chance.

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