Einige Switch-Player suchen außerhalb von Nintendo nach Matchmaking.

Nintendo Switch Online went live more than a month ago. While paid services are required for people to play games like Mario Tennis Aces online, there is still no way for players to meet easily and connect. As a result, fans have tried to fill this void with their own solutions, the latest of which is a website called Switcher.

With Switcher, you can import your profile from the popular gaming chat app, Discord, select a switch game that you want to play online with other people, and then start looking for other users who want to play the same game. It only shows one person at a time and only contains the information they want to share, which is often their diskless name, profile picture, and Nintendo Friend code. From there you can meet the person DM and in the game. It’s simple and straightforward, because that’s all it needs to be.

If Nintendo itself had great social features on Switch, Switcher might seem trivial. But the switch has no such system, so a few thousand switch owners decided to use the fan-created Switcher website to find themselves online.

„I love Nintendo, but between Nintendo Friend Code IDs, many games that do not offer online multiplayer, and the online multiplayer that exists, it’s often difficult to find new players, there’s a real problem here I believe there could be a solution, „Switcher creator bezzaton said in the announcement announcement about the launch of the platform. In addition to the Discord integration, which handles much of the heavy transport, Switcher also acts as a filter that allows people to share friend codes based on their library of games or their proximity to one another.

YouTube jetzt auf der Nintendo Switch verfügbar Google bringt seine YouTube-Plattform auf weitere Geräte, ab sofort steht eine Anwendung für die Nintendo Switch zur Verfügung. Ich war mir gar nicht bewusst darüber, dass die Tablet-Spielkonsole bislang nicht mal eine Anwendung für YouTube parat hatte. Lange nach Marktstart hat sich das geändert, YouTube steht ab sofort im sogenannten E-Shop verfügbar. Einfach anmelden und herunterladen. YouTube auf der Switch ähnelt im Grunde der TV-Oberfläche der Plattform, man kann sich auch wie gewohnt mit seinem Google-Konto anmelden. Zwischen Google und Nintendo herrscht also offensichtlich kein Streit, wie das zwischen Google und Amazon der Fall ist. Zum größten Teil wird die App auf der Switch mit den Controllertasten gesteuert, per Touch geht nur ein Teil der Funktionen.

For example, you can set the number of miles within which Switcher should search for local cooperatives. In this way, the participants of a Super Smash Bros. tournament or a game convention can easily synchronize with other participants of the same event.

Despite its simplicity, the site has received a very positive response in a number of separate posts on the Nintendo Switch Subreddit. Some people want an alternative to the Switch’s strict, socially disjointed home menu and thank the creators of Switcher for adapting to the occasion.

Users may choose to display certain information that is not shared through the site, such as friend codes only available on request, and not to anyone who seeks to be visible. However, Switcher has some problems. In fact, Bezzaton decided to take Switcher offline for several days, as various users called attention to potential security vulnerabilities. It was restarted over the weekend, Bezzaton claims, with significantly improved security using a token system to prevent hacked accounts and bot activity.

„I really want to say here that while we have done a massive overhaul and put a lot of emphasis on safety, that’s not as if I say everything is perfect,“ they wrote after Switcher went live again. „The thing is, while we will always do our best to make sure that what we bring out is of the highest quality, even big companies like Facebook are now in breach these days, at least we can say that we really are have done our best. „

This is a risk that some may not want to take, as the switch still has an existing matchmaking feature in the game and Nintendo’s voice chat phone app. The potential vulnerabilities of social platforms such as Switcher for anything ranging from harassment to other malicious activity could be the reason why Nintendo has been slow to eliminate friend codes and introduce an online account system similar to what on PSN and Xbox Live, and pretty much every other social media platform that’s connected to the Internet. (Nintendo has not responded to Kotaku’s questions.)

For those who want more, switchers will be there anyway, and as the switch install base continues to grow, it’s possible that other custom-made „search for group“ tools might appear. Diablo III came to Switch and Warframe last week, a sci-fi MMO, released later this month. Many players already rely on subreddits and discord to find friends who play multiplayer games like this on Switch.

Some of Switcher’s first-time users said on social media that they had hoped it could be something of a slimmed-down version of Miiverse, the original social hub for Wii U and 3DS, which Nintendo shut down at the time last year. However, it is not nearly as robust. If there was only one person capable of creating a Miiverse for the Switch era.

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