Gadgets in 2017

On this year CES, tech enthusiast had a great opportunity to get familiar with the new gadgets we are likely to use in 2017. Companies have presented innovative technologies and visitors got a chance to enjoy some spectacular presentation. Bellow you can see the list of the coolest gadgets that blew our mind.

Lynx – robotic assistant

Lynx – robotic assistantIt is one of the first fully functional robots featured by Amazon’s Alexa. This robot combines several functions, and it can assist its users is light business tasks. Lynx supports speech recognition, can understand languages, to send e – mails, manage calendars, plays audio and video. The most important feature this robot has is human to robot interface.

Laptop – smartphone combination

MirabookMiraxess is a French company that found a really interesting way to turn your smartphone into a laptop. They have developed a Mirabook, a laptop without hardware components. Once you attach your smartphone to Mirabook, it acts as a hardware component. It has 13.3” full HD display, battery life is long, up to 24 hours and it can charge your phone as well.

Smart bed

Ten years back we never thought that smart bed will ever exist, but tech experts found a way to make one. Sleep number 360 will be available in the second half of 2017. The main role of this bed is to help you adjust better while sleeping and to help you sleep better. It is one feature we all need, considering the environment we live in. With Sleep number 360 you will be able to warm your feet, it will detect the snoring and adjust it, and it will anticipate your night routine. It has installed the smart alarm, which will wake you up at the appropriate moment.

Smart mirror – real treat for the ladies

Women around the world have probably waited this moment to come for ages. The first smart mirror, Hi – Mirror Plus, has a great feature that will make women go crazy about it. It can evaluate your skin condition and to give you makeup suggestions for every opportunity. Hi – Mirror Plus has specially designed LED light to create conditions from the real world. Users will be able to save skin conditions over the time and to track their improvements.

Smart mirror


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