Android applications in 2017

Swiping through Google Play store can be a daunting experience, when you in search of perfect applications. Among the millions of apps, you will have a hard task to decide which is the best one. Especially since every day, dozens of new ones appear. Fortunately, we already did that job for you, check out below our list of applications that will rule 2017.


WhatsAppWhatsApp is a strong competitor, and not one application can come remotely close to it. If you aren’t a fan of WhatsApp, there are some great alternatives for you out there and Telegram is one of them. What mostly interest the users, is that this application is free, and fully encrypted. No one will be able to crack your messages. It features the same functions as WhatsApp, but it has some additions, the use of chat bots is a new fixture and people can use it on multiple devices.


FleksyThe layout of the keyboard is very important for the ever phone user. People want simplicity but in the same time keyboard that is easily managed. With Fleksy, you will get that and even more. Big letters and clever use will have you fixed on this app in just a few hours. Most keyboards have press and hold Delete key to delete the whole word, but Fleksy features backward swipe for quick deleting. With the app, you will discover the new meaning of emoji and it even features GIFs.


MorecastOn Google Store, you can find plenty weather applications; some are more and some less accurate. But, currently Morecast is one of the best, with a great interface and clever layout, this app represents a real thrill. The most important feature is accuracy, and you can compare forecast for two cities. If you are planning to go on vacation or trip, Morecast will follow your route and tell you what kind of weather you can expect.

Nokia map appNokia map app

If you travel a lot, then this application will be indispensable. Apart from Google maps, this application is one of the best on the market. It will provide you everything, turn by turn navigation, satellite images and the main advantage of this app is its offline feature. You just have to register and download the map of the particular city or the country, and it’s completely free.


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