Four best phones - 2017

As consumers, we are accustomed to high service, always expecting something new and even greater to appear. So far, we have seen some spectacular things phones had to offer. But, 2017 will set up our boundaries.

New iPhone with all its upgrades

iPhone 8This year the Apple company celebrates the 10th anniversary, and it is set to release a new device in September. There are various speculations of what new iPhone might look like. We might expect the whole glass body, edge to edge curved screen, the touch ID will be hidden within the glass and the company will remove the home button. Other rumors indicated that new iPhone 8 would have wireless charging and facial recognition.

HTC 11

HTC 11We expect this phone will be launched in early spring of 2017. It will possess significant upgrades compared to previous versions. Faster processor expanded RAM memory and better battery life. IT experts predict that this phone will have up to 8 GB of RAM memory, Snapdragon 835 processor and 256 GB of internal memory. Considering the specification, this will be one of the high-end models on cell phone market.


LG G6This Korean company has made some remarkable things with mobile devices. Every year is adding some new features that blow the mind of potential shoppers. With the new G6, LG will adopt the full glass concept, back, and front. It is likely that this series will have wireless charging like Samsung. The processor and the graphics will be specially designed to accept virtual reality. The most interesting development regarding this series will feature an iris scan; it will have the same sensors as device’s front camera.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8Considering the failure that followed the Note 7 series, the Samsung Company suffered a great disappointment, which bruised its reputation. The Galaxy S8 is expected to arrive in February 2017. Accompanied with two sizes, like the previous series. The biggest change the Samsung will make will be in design. They will ditch the home button, instead of that, the phone will have the fingerprint scanner. It will probably be the fastest phone money could but, with 8GB of RAM memory.


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