Five devices that will rule 2017

So far, we have seen many spectacular things in the years behind us. But, in 2017 we can expect great devices to appear that will set up new boundaries in the tech world. Be prepared for these challenges because what’s new and innovative usually be very pricey. Are you ready to pay that price?

Samsung Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8This Korean company has made remarkable things with the S series. But, they are always looking to go one step further. Since the Apple launched new iPhone 7, Samsung needs to stay in focus and be more innovative, especially after the debacle that followed note 7. We are expecting new Galaxy S8 to arrive in early spring of 2017. Lacking in details, we know only that Samsung will implement artificial intelligence with this device.

Foldable phone

Another novelty that comes from Samsung company. For years, they have been trying to develop displays that can bend. But, 2017 might be the years when they succeed that. Recently the company released a patent and shortly we can expect such a device in our hands.

New iPads

The Apple company is the leader in innovative technologies, and every year they launch a new product that makes millions of people going to the stores to buy it. We all know how iPad can be a good investment, with stylish design and even better options. In 2017 we can expect a new line of iPads, which will be more focused on the design and they will probably change the size of the screens. And we don’t even have to ask about the performance; we already know it’s going to be spectacular.

iPad Pro 2017

The next iPhone

When it comes to Apple company, their decisions are quite unpredictable, last year they launched a new iPhone 7 which has exquisite features. This year is the 10th anniversary of the company, and the new iPhone 8 could be something completely different. It is rumored that they will remove the home button and start the new series with a curved screen. It is left to be seen yet.

Android Wear 2.0Android Wear 2.0

Last year Google planned to release un update of its wearable platform, but they ended up delaying it until 2017. The new update promises various things, such as better software and easier use. They are going to build a better support for third – party applications and improve its compatibility with iPhone.


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