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For some eternal life seems like something they would like to experience shortly, while other consider it as a curse. In 2012 the experts estimated that there are around 360,000 people around the world who reached the 100th birthday. By 2050 we can expect the number of 3 million, which is shocking. The idea of immortality is something that has intrigued the scientists for a long time now. Even some of the most famous companies have spent large amounts of money while they tried to defy death.


Can technology help us

In the past, around 1900, an average person was lucky to live until 50, we now have average people living up to 81 years. Scientists have made an assumption that every person has a maximum cap and how long the human body can function. In the future due to medical technologies and innovations, if we can reverse the aging process of the cell, we could look forward to eternity. It is hard to make any predictions now, but if can make fully functional robots that will replace humans, it’s only a matter of time when we will stop aging. In not so distant future, it won’t be an abnormality to live up to 100 tears. This type of life will become a routine.

Life over death

Even though now we are living longer, our population is still struggling with chronic and deadly diseases. The main approach scientists will take in the future is to find the genetic key to aging. They are conducting all kinds of research and they are testing hormones and drugs to reverse and change cellular death. Some of them are using so – called vampire technique, where they take blood from young people and transferring it to older ones.

Prolong lives

Using the modern technologies, scientists have managed to create a drug that prolonged the mice lives, and they will be tested on humans. On the other hand, if the scientists manage to push life up to 200 years, we will face another serious problem. The retirement plan at 60 years old will be pointless and in the short amount of time our planet will be overpopulated.


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