inovative technology 2017

In the recent years, we have seen many great things that technology has to offer us. Everything has become so “smart” and people tend to perceive these things in different ways. We all want to have new gadgets, new smartphones, and new devices that are the latest art of technology. We as the consumers set up those boundaries and companies are there to follow us.

 For 2017 we have predicted the following things:

Trump’s influence

Trump’s influenceSilicon Valley, which is the epicenter of technology, does not really fancy President – recently elected Donald Trump. On the other hand, technology CEOs know they need to deal with his administration in order to progress in their business and make improvement. They are making a long-term plan for the next four years. Recent meeting that was held between Donald Trump and the CEOs of the biggest tech companies in the world was a significant improvement, where executives got a chance to express their concerns and present their plans. Unfortunately, Donald Trump is highly unpredicted personality, so we are left to see what will happen.

Augmented reality over Virtual reality

Virtual realityEven though VR is still the latest trend highly popular among people, experts estimate that AR will be the future of technology. Especially since the consumers got a chance to experience AR in the real world with the game Pokémon Go. We expect that in 2017 big companies such as Apple and Google will implement this technology with their devices.

2 in 1 computers will be in high demand

There is one thing that is sure: PC industry will follow the demands of the consumers. Considering that tablet marker is slowly decreasing, the companies will put a focus on these so – called 2 in 1 computers. They will have a touch screen, but will still come with attached keyboard. As for their appearance- they will greatly resemble the actual laptops.

HackersHackers will become smarter

They will tend to use the artificial intelligent to breach the security. Hackers will target accounts, and their attacks will be automated. No one will be safe enough because they will use modern technologies to hack the accounts faster and in a more efficient way.



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